How was this partnership built?

This project was initiated by ternYpe International Youth Network, Nevo Parudimos took the main lead in this project. Nevo Parudimos has an extensive experience in non-formal education, campaigning, advocacy, training, local mobilization and empowerment, volunteering, inter-cultural dialogue and inclusion.

 On the other hand, ternYpe is recognized as one of the key stakeholders of Roma youth self-organization and empowerment. The European Commission DG Justice recognizes ternYpe as one of the major civil society actors for Roma inclusion, thus, invites ternYpe to all its consultation meetings and the European Roma Platform. The Council of Europe recognizes ternYpe as an international youth organization and key stakeholder of the CoE "Roma Youth Action Plan" steering group.

Nevo Parudimos is committed to Roma youth and empowerment, history, remembrance in Romania, starting to be active in 2008, organizing series of events, artistic camps, consultation, training in youth empowerment and mobilization, Roma history, working in Human and minority rights etc. Nevo Parudimos is coordinating the overall project, appointing a diverse staff with expertise and experience in the topic, including an experienced trainer and community facilitator founding member of Ternype and Phiren Amenca EU networks working with Roma youth. In 2015 Nevo Parudimos has implemented the project 70 "Years after Auschwitz ..." contract no 564398-CITIZ-1-2015-RO-CITIZ-REMEM in which we brought together 1000 young Roma and non-Roma in a educational and commemoration event in Krakow, Poland with a similar partnership.

The team is supported by different NGO’s and networks such as RROMA, Amaro Foro, Co-efficient, ERGO Network, Association Walk Together, Serbian Roma Youth Association, Roma Active Albania, United Societies of Balksns who have staff of experienced project managers and educators with plenty of experiences on European level. The staff members of the project have a strong capacity in international project management, accountability and media communication and dissemination, coordinating the events in each of the partner countries.

Nevo Parudimos
Address: Piaţa Traian Vuia, Nr. 1-4, Corpul E, Cod postal: 320085, Loc. Reşiţa, Jud. Caraş-Severin, România
Phone: 0040 355 429 351

Roma Active Albania
COUNTRY: Albania
Website :
Adress : Ylbere Bylykbashi, P. 25, Shk. 2, Ap. 4, Tirana, Albania
Phone : +355 (0) 42 265 953
Email :

Country: Greece
Address: Alamanas 9, Agios Pavlos EL12, Kentriki Makedonia Thessaloniki, Greece
Phone: +30 231 021 5629

Association Walk Together
Country: Bulgaria
Address: 5 Letostrui str. 1320 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 88 696 9670

Country: North Macedonia
Address: Toso Kukovski bb, PO32, 1360 Kratovo, Macedonia
Phone: +389 78 424 180


Amaro Foro e.V.
Country: Germany
Address: Weichselplatz 8, 12045 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 43205373


Association Co-Efficient
Country: Hungary
Address: Klauzál u. 4, 1046 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36 1 797 2659


Serbian Roma Youth 
Country: Serbia
Address: Banjicki Put 54/7 11090, Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381669035411