Online webinar – Roma Holocaust in National School Curricula and Recommendation Paper”

The project team gathered again, between 18-20 of November 2020, for the third online webinar named: “75 years of Memory – Roma Holocaust in National School Curricula and Recommendation Paper”. 

The meeting was focused on education in the school system regarding the Roma Genocide. After the lectures concerning the pedagogic approach and the presentation of the current situation and best practices in the partner countries, the stakeholders drafted a recommendation for decision-makers to address the issues.

As special guests for this webinar we had teachers and experts from each partner involved in the project, who presented the pedagogic approach on the topic of Roma Holocaust in their countries.

The meeting ended with the preparation of a recommendation paper to be sent to the educational ministries and EU institutions and publications.

Short project description:

This project aims to raise a strong awareness on Porrajmos concentrating on the events taken place in the Balkans, Hungary and Transnistria before,during,after WWII, in order to preserve the memory of the Roma and Sinti victims of Nazism. As our European values and integration are fundamentally built on our historical experience and memory, we need to shed light on the forgotten Roma genocide, the over 500.000 victims, and the continuation of social exclusion, Antigypsyism and hate speech as a consequence of the ignorance and lack of recognition of the Roma Genocide.

Check out the AGENDA of the webinar for more information.