EDUCATION and Memory for

Roma Holocaust


This project aims to raise a strong awareness on Porrajmos concentrating on the events taken place in the Balkans, Hungary and Transnistria before,during,after WWII, in order to preserve the memory of the Roma and Sinti victims of Nazism. As our European values and integration are fundamentally built on our historical experience and memory, we need to shed light on the forgotten Roma genocide, the over 500.000 victims, and the continuation of social exclusion, Antigypsyism and hate speech as a consequence of the ignorance and lack of recognition of the Roma Genocide.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

75 years of memory

Young Roma and non-Roma act against forgetting

This project was initiated by ternYpe International Youth Network, Nevo Parudimos took the main lead in this project.


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Contact person: Büşra Akdoğan 

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